April 2021


Towage Consulting is a renowned financial consulting firm with tremendous stories of impacts of building industry experts and professionals. Towage Consulting is at it again to breed other people as we teach and hold you by our hands in making you an authority in the profession with our well-proven strategies and technological approach to learning. …

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Pioneer Status In Nigeria

The Pioneer Status incentive (PSI) is one of the available tax incentives in Nigeria aimed at attracting investment into crucial sectors of the Nigerian economy. The pioneer  status incentive was established by the Industrial Development  (Income Tax Relief) Act, No 22 of 1971 and is a tax holiday that grants qualifying industries and products relief …

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Tax Havens

Tax havens are generally offshore countries that offer foreign individuals and businesses little or no tax liability in politically and economically static environments. A tax haven, or offshore financial center, is any country or jurisdiction that offers minimal tax liability to foreign individuals and businesses. Tax havens do not require businesses to operate out of their country or …

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Transfer Pricing In Nigeria

Transfer pricing represents the price that one division of a company charges another division in a company for goods and services. Transfer Pricing is used to determine the cost to charge another division, subsidiary, or holding company for services rendered. Transfer pricing describes the form of inter-company pricing method between two or more related economic …

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Deadline for filing of individual annual tax returns

The Lagos State Internal Revenue Services (LIRS) has extended filing on individual annual tax returns by an additional two weeks, starting from April 1st to April 14th,2021. This was done in an attempt to relieve the effect of the pandemic on the taxpayer and residents of Lagos State

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