Towage Consulting is a renowned financial consulting firm with tremendous stories of impacts of building industry experts and professionals.

Towage Consulting is at it again to breed other people as we teach and hold you by our hands in making you an authority in the profession with our well-proven strategies and technological approach to learning.

If you’re an Accountant, Entrepreneur, Startup Owner, then this opportunity is for YOU

At Towage Consulting we have made our training flexible and self-paced for you. With a training fee of #30,000, you’re on your way to being an authority.

What you will learn:

▪️Accounting basics and principles

▪️How to categorize your business for small business Enterprises
▪️Record Keeping for Small Businesses

▪️Practical aspects of Taxation
▪️Tax Laws and it’s Application
▪️Taxes in Nigeria and their impact on Nigerian Business.
▪️Value added Taxes
▪️Vatable goods
▪️Vatable persons
..▪️Withholding taxes in Nigeria
▪️Understanding Withholding taxes in Nigeria

▪️Payroll management in small business
▪️How to pay yourself as a business owner and a whole lot more

Date: May 15th, 22nd and 29th

A certificate will be issued out after the Training

Towage Consulting is here to give you the best you can ever imagine.

You have any questions or enquires call 08091376030

To begin your journey kindly click on the link below to register

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